Capone Communications

We can provide an alternative to a gas or diesel power source saving thousands fo gallons of fuel.
Capone Communications has stayed on the cutting edge of the communication industry for over 30 years.
Here at Capone Communications we are proud of the work we do with the government agencies and all public saftey organizations. We design, engineer, install and provide all services for complete wireless communication for government agencies and public saftey organizations. Having worked in very remote locations for our clients we have found that finding a proper power source was sometimes challenging. As a result we have developed a Mulitipurpose Portable Renewable Power Source. The M-PRES 25 and M-PRES 36.
The M-PRES 25
Has a 2,500 watt, 95% efficient-type inverter. All housed in a weather-proof Pelican box with lifting handles.
The M-Pres 36
Has a 3,600 watt, 95% effcient-type inverter. All Housed in a weather-proof box with lifting handles.